The journey begins 1/52

Good morning dreamers!! 😉

I only have to say…..    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

I hope that everyone are going to have a great year and it starts as motivated as mine.^^

The tittle is the theme for the first week in Teleidoscope. Uuuhhh!!!I am very chipper!!!!=D

The first day of the year was amazing!!!!I had fun going out with my friends and remembering old days, I went to sleep on the morning and when my nephews and my sister woke me up… surprise!!!!! They had a present to me, a graphics tablet!!!!yupiiiii!!!=)

I am happy happy happy!!! so yesterday, I was trying it and I can only say that…. it is wonderful!!!!much much better than mouse!^^

I will show you the progress and I hope that you love it!!!!

The background is the rails in my town, its name is Gallur, very close to Zaragoza. The model is my cousin, thanks to Martina and Ainhoa, without them is wouldn’t have been possible..




 The end..


I hope that it would be only the beginning of a long journey.. I love create pics, the time doesn’t exist when I do it..