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Movement 3/52

Good afternoon dreamers!! 😉

I hate the movement of time, I think that time moves very fast.. and suddenly, my birthday happened and I am 26.

I started to learn how to use photoshop and make pictures 6 months ago because I needed to tell stories and I was alone in summer without internet.

After the summer, I only wanted to learn and learn more, I saw photographers like Rosie Hardy, Robby Cavanaugh or Brooke Shaden and I only wanted to know how they did possible that irreal things look like real..

But now, I am in photography crisis moment.. because I have a lo of things in my head.. I have to finish my project to be engineer so I can’t spend much time taking photos but when I do my project, I am thinking about the next photo and when I am making a photo, I am thinking about I shouldn’t do that.. in Spanish, ‘la pescadilla que se muerde la cola’. It’s very frustrating..

I should try to be more patience and separate my time because if not I am going to die..

I’d like to show you several pictures that I did to movement:

The first one is the fight between myself..


It expressed myself but I wasn’t sure if it was movement so I tried others.


And the last one, I invented a story for that..


I woke up like any other day .. I looked his bedside but he wasn’t .. just a note that said ‘I’ll love you forever’. The trouble started down my body, I took the scarf which he gave me and ran out onto the balcony waiting for seeing him across the street. Too late. Thereafter, any other day ceased to have the same meaning ..

Me desperté como cualquier otro día.. miré hacia su lado de la cama pero no estaba él.. solo una nota que decía ‘te querré por siempre’. La angustia empezó a recorrer mi cuerpo, cogí el pañuelo que me regaló y salí corriendo hacia el balcón esperando verle cruzar la calle. Demasiado tarde. A partir de entonces, cualquier otro día dejó de tener el mismo significado..

Have a good weekend!!=)

Fair’s room

Good night dreamers!!=)

When I was a child, every year the circus came to my town. I lived in a very small town so we were highly enthusiastic! It was something different for us!! We saw people from other countries, wild animals, jugglers, clowns..

It reminds me once, when we met a teenager who looked like a girl (and she was a girl) but she tried to convince us that she was a boy. It was so funny!^^ At the end, we were friends and we saw her the next day in the show.

I said to the goblins that I’d like to remember this time. I’d like to feel like a child when he look at the lights and the attractions and his mouth gets that smile, which is difficult to erase.

I tried to be a mime and form part of the fair..


 In the final image, you can also see characters from ‘Carnivale’. I love watching series and I like a lot this serie. Yo should watch it!;)


‘ Live like a adult, dream like a teenager and smile like a child.’


The game starts

Good night dreamers!!=)

Let’s start!!

Winter is coming so I think that it is the best way to start.

I have worked as a model in my spare time before I started to take photos, so taking self-portraits is easy to me and I love it!

It was the beginning… but later, at night, the goblins came to my room and they started to create a new world……


In this picture, I wanted to instill the loneliness. how you sometimes feel alone in your room as if you were lost in a forest.

It is snowing, the weather is very cold and you need to someone for protecting you, you need the affection of your close people but nobody around you… You don’t know what you should do. However, you can’t move your body, you are frozen =S so you take your blanket and try to warm up until the storm passes..


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance under the rain.”