Snow 2/52

Good morning dreamers!! 😉

I think that I have founded the common element in my project, butterflies!^^ This insect inspires me fantasy and optimistic!

Now, I have a lot of things in my head, a lot of changes are coming and I only want to shout.. so I need to breathe and be optimistic thanks to butterflies..

The theme for this week is snow.. I tried different images and later, different colors.. I didn’t find what I was looking for.. first I did the final image, later changed… Aagghhh.. but I hope you to like the result!

Here is the process..

This one, it’s me in my room


Start the change.. winter is coming..

IMG_8470step2 IMG_8470step3

And finally, the magic ..


 Between the cold chill of the forest, lost and alone, a sweet butterfly gives you the hope that you need.