Bath day

Good night dreamers!!=)

How many days, months, years ago since the last time that I had a bath????

  I can’t remember…

There is a photo by Berta Vicente which in my opinion, is awesome!! She is a young photographer with a lot of talent from Spain.

Here, you can see her pic ->

My pics were inspired by her although are totally different.

Today, it was the day which I had a bath!!a photobath!!^^ It was funny because it is a little difficult take pics by myself and try not to wet the camera! I hope that tomorrow it is still running!! =S

This photo is the first that I retouched. I chose it because I like the look, a little aggressive.

These days I am thinking a lot.. I think that nowadays, it isn’t my best moment.. I have to make a lot of decisions and I don’t want..

I am afraid so stop there, not come any closer because I can bite you.


When we are scared instead of asking for help, we hide us and close the door.

After that, I retouched 2 pics more which I love the colors!!=)

There are days which seem to never end .. many things hanging over my head and too many thoughts .. Questions like what is best for me? what is that I want?


Our problems shouldn’t overwhelm us , we should cope it and try to get ahead.

So you find your answers and let your family and friends support you to free your mind.


Everybody can do it, you just have to believe in yourself.

Sweet dreams!!;)