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I am happy!!=) I came back my home for christmas few days ago.^^ I went out with my friends and it was amazing!! We are in different cities and I appreciate a lot when we meet because it is like the time is not passing and nothing has changed but at the same time, everything is different..

On the other hand, today was great day!!My sister and I have changed our camera each other so.. now, I can try more things and improve.. it is only a 1000D but it is a reflex camera.^^

This afternoon I wanted to go to try it so I rode in my car and drove until I saw a good place to take pics of the train rails, however in the other side, there was a amazing space with a beautiful sky and I loved it!!=O

I was only half hour because it got dark very soon =(  but in this way, I had time to retouch!!

Every photo is a different version, different colors.. !!!

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I hope you enjoy this holidays with your family and friends.

I hope you will be happier the next year.

I hope your dreams will come true.