Fair’s room

Good night dreamers!!=)

When I was a child, every year the circus came to my town. I lived in a very small town so we were highly enthusiastic! It was something different for us!! We saw people from other countries, wild animals, jugglers, clowns..

It reminds me once, when we met a teenager who looked like a girl (and she was a girl) but she tried to convince us that she was a boy. It was so funny!^^ At the end, we were friends and we saw her the next day in the show.

I said to the goblins that I’d like to remember this time. I’d like to feel like a child when he look at the lights and the attractions and his mouth gets that smile, which is difficult to erase.

I tried to be a mime and form part of the fair..


 In the final image, you can also see characters from ‘Carnivale’. I love watching series and I like a lot this serie. Yo should watch it!;)


‘ Live like a adult, dream like a teenager and smile like a child.’